I love painting portraits SO MUCH. Portraying a face is one of my favorite challenges. The creative portraits of women on this page are extremely special to me. Not just because they are of such beautiful women (oooo la la!), but because they are each sweet friends of mine. Each portrait was a surprise to my friends, and that was really fun for me…and I think it was for them too.

The Subject

The idea to do each of these portraits of these women came spontaneously to me. Once the idea was in my mind, I looked through photos of them and found one that struck me as “so very her”. The photos of them captured such a real mood that I knew to be so genuine, and I had to paint it!

The Color Palette

The colors brought to these paintings were crucial for these creative portraits. Each color in the photo felt like their mood and personality. How object subjective is that?! I’m also thankful to know each of them well enough to know what colors they prefer. Since I was going to give them the portrait, I did want them to enjoy it too. Easy peasy (lemon squeezy).

Creative Portrait of Women - Natty Roh

The Words

The words I wrote on the portraits of these women all came at different times in the process. They were words of encouragement that I heard when praying for them. This always takes courage because I have no idea what those specific words and phrases will mean to them. They may have made one of these friends cry at her birthday party (Emily…busted). I was quickly relieved to know they were happy tears. Phew!! Regardless, it was her birthday and she could cry if she wanted to 😉

Creative Portraits of Women - Emily

Mediums I used

I can’t just stick with the drawing. I HAVE to add washes and splashes of watercolor, some bright acrylics to bring in some weight to it. These creative portraits wouldn’t feel complete without my favorite deep black ink to ground it all. You can find all of my usual suspects in these mixed media pieces: acrylic, watercolor, ink and graphite. They feel so good together. I’m on a roll with ‘em.