paintings for sale


I had so much fun putting together this first series of paintings, and was so excited to list the paintings for sale on my Instagram account. Feels preeeettttyy, preeetttyy, preeetttyy good to accomplish this goal! I just went for it with my favorite colors, swishes, swipes and splatters. I love how they look all together, and I think they are strong enough as a stand alone piece. Those neon colors are not shy! They are all 7×9”. Personally, I’d love them in a floating 8×10” frame.

Mediums I used

These are all mixed media pieces created on high quality watercolor paper, and they are full of:

  • Acrylic

  • Watercolor

  • Ink

  • Graphite


The color palette is full of bright and warm colors with swipes of juicy full black ink. The sketchy marks and splatters add a feeling of freedom and excitement. This is the type of art that I’d love to see when I’m trying (so HARD) to wake up in the morning. Feel free to let them be your visual pep talk!

held close 7"x9"

How I named each piece

sent 7"x9"


These paintings came out of some prayer time with the Lord. For each one, a word or phrase came to mind. That became the name of the piece. I found them to be very encouraging. An obvious theme emerged. I felt a surreal amount of encouragement that we are seen, we are beautiful and we are loved, we are important and created on purpose. I’m not sure exactly what these paintings will mean to you as you see them, but I really hope you feel encouraged and loved!

What this series means to me

This series cheers me on to bring encouragement and love wherever I am. It reminds me how important it is for us to know we are seen.

held secure 7"x9"

List of paintings for sale in the “Seen” series:

  • beautiful and shining in every way | 7×9” | $45

  • seen | 7×9” | [Sold]

  • given courage | 7×9” | $45

  • the love you give matters | 7×9” | [Sold]

  • listen | 7×9” | $45

  • nestled in silence | 7×9” | $45

  • sent | 7×9” | $45

  • held secure | 7×9” | $45

  • held close | 7×9” | $45

  • deeply rooted and more free to grow | 7×9” | [Sold]

To purchase a painting you may choose one of the following:

  • Click here to visit me on Instagram or search the hashtag #buyseenseries on IG
    • Comment “sold” on the post of the painting you want. (That’s all! I’ll contact you for your zipcode.)
    • Send me a direct message on Instagram letting me know which painting you would like, and your zipcode.

  • Send an email to with the title of the painting you would like, and your zipcode.

What happens next:

  • I’ll send you a message regarding payment (Paypal) and shipping.

  • Your painting ships as soon as payment is received.