unplanned 8"x10"


Phase 2.5 was announced in NC this week. This means our family can explore all the playgrounds at the local parks. FINALLY!! This series is full of all the “safer at home” vibes that we’ve all been living through recently. It is inspired by our current activities. Which obviously has been a lot less activity. I’m usually drawn to bright warm colors, and recently felt a lot more into cool and calm colors in my painting.

Mediums I used

These are all mixed media paintings created on high quality watercolor paper, and they are full of:

  • Acrylic

  • Watercolor

  • Ink

  • Graphite

I love the contrast of these mediums when combined all together in one piece. Light washes of watercolor with bold lines of graphite just feel right! I did find a way to squeeze some orange splatters to wake up the pieces a little bit.

boundaries 8"x10"

How I named each piece

free focus 8"x10"

The names of these pieces are all things that I have been experiencing during this “safer at home” time. Restlessness….check, blank stare off my front porch…check, saying “Yes, little dudes, you must wear your mask too.”…check, confined to our home…check,.  I’m sure y’all have been feeling these things too. (Any other extroverts out there??) Having this stillness forced on me did have it’s benefits. Unplanned days gave us the ability to rest or take relaxing walks in our new neighborhood. We met lots of fun new neighbors also living in this stillness. The sudden freeing up of our schedule created space for us to be free to focus on new things, like how to keep plants alive (If I can do it, so can you!). Rethinking healthy boundaries was another focus that we had so much time for.

What this series means to me

Since being still is NOT MY FAVORITE (Ahhhhh!!!), this series reflects a time of major growth for me. I felt the Lord remind me of his encouragement in being still. I can sense the power in that command in Psalm 46 and Exodus 14. It feels to me like he brings a whole lot of awesome power into that moment, but allows us to just rest in his peace. And…as BORING as that sounded to me before, I actually found myself enjoying it…sometimes…for brief moments…but that is serious progress for me (Vanessa – I know you are reading this and nodding your head right now. Lol). I even discovered a love for long baths. Maybe I only took two of them during quarantine, BUT here’s for more of those in my future. Anyway, that’s what I was feeling. I’d love to hear if anything spoke to you from this series. Hit me up with a DM 😉


Meanwhile…bring on Phase 2.5, baby! I’m ready to live that playground life, AND keep room for soaking in the bath.

phase 2.5 masked too
masked too 8"x10"
Restless 8"x10"


List of paintings in this “Still” series:


  • restless | 8×10” | [Sold]

  • unplanned | 8×10” | $45

  • boundaries | 8×10” | [Sold]

  • free focus | 8×10” | $45

  • stare | 9×12” | [Sold]

  • masked too | 8×10” | [Sold]

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What happens next:

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