pull back before launch painting
pull back before launch 8"x10"

Venture Series

Research Triangle Park companies keep moving on in. I get excited when I hear about all different types of business ventures coming nearby. This week I heard about Google Cloud moving in an engineering hub that will bring more than 1,000 new jobs.

The news about Research Triangle Park companies started seeping into my artwork. Thinking about someone starting up a new company, or someone interviewing for a new job, is all so exciting to me. I love the creativity and fresh start that comes with it all. That’s how this series came about.

Mediums I used

These are all mixed media pieces created on high quality watercolor paper, and they are full of:

  • Acrylic
  • Watercolor
  • Ink
  • Graphite
The color palette is full of neon warm colors. The rich black accents bring in a lot of contrast. The swinging flicks of neon yellow wake everything up with an extra kick.
realign painting
realign 8"x10"
incorporate painting
incorporate 8"x10"

How I named each piece

In my mind, I held the excitement of starting a new business venture or new job. The memories and feelings that bubbled up to the surface made it easy to create and name each piece. 

The heart and mission of a business so important to me. The brainstorming and the realignment of goals is a must. The feeling right before you launch is packed full of excitement and emotion. I’m just surprised that I didn’t make one dedicated to spreadsheets – my true nerd love. Maybe next time.

What this series means to me

This series doesn’t only remind me of the newness coming right to my geographic location with all of these new Research Triangle Park companies. It’s also a visual representation of the excitement I feel about a friend starting a new type of business venture

So just know that when you tell me about your new plan, this is a visual of what’s happening in my brain 😉 I hope that these inspire you to start that new thing you’ve been thinking about. I’m happy to be your hype girl.

List of paintings in the “Still” series:

  • wrapped in love | 8×10” | $50
  • pull back before launch | 8×10” | $50
  • realign | 8×10” | $50
  • incorporate | 8×10” | $50


To purchase a painting you may choose one of the following:

  • Comment “sold” on the paintings Instagram Post #buyventureseries
  • Send me a direct message on Instagram letting me know which painting you would like, @heatherjcotter
  • Send me an email with the title of the painting you would like heatherjcotter@gmail.com

What happens next:

  • I’ll send you a message regarding payment (Paypal).
  • Your painting ships as soon as payment is received.
wrapped in love painting
wrapped in love 8"x10"